Hello, welcome to my blog! My name is Mandela and I created Rye & Butter to share my journeys in motherhood and cooking with you.

I recently became a new mom to my son, Rye, and I will be sharing my tips, tricks, wins, fails, and the entire crazy adventure that is motherhood here!

Plain & simple...I am a lover of all foods! I truly believe food feeds the soul and everyone needs (and deserves!) at least one good meal a day. I will be posting a wide variety of recipes, from plant-based to meat dishes, and everything in between! Cooking can seem intimidating, hard, and time consuming, but I will help teach you how easy it can be to make a tasty, home-cooked meal to be shared with family and friends; of course with tons of laughter and wine flowing along the way.

I hope you enjoy Rye & Butter - I'm looking forward to hearing from you all ~ find me on social media : @mandelacocores, email : ryeandbutter@gmail.com, and don't forget to
hashtag : rye_butter